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    Do you know what's in
    your documents?

Meet Brevity AI

Brevity uses Artificial Intelligence to find data that is important to you, and organizes it so it is easier to analyze.

Whether you are reviewing contracts, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, or verifying accuracy for loan applications, you have to read through documents containing unstructured data and text to find important content and answers.

Using Brevity, your team can stop spending time manually reading, searching and highlighting documents and, instead, focus on analysis and value-added work.

Seeing is Believing

See how Brevity analyzes and extracts data from your corporate documents such as contracts, leases, and legal agreements.

How it Works

Document Upload
Data Processing
Storage and Categorization
Reporting and Analysis

Brevity is a modern, user-friendly platform that lets your team process your documents using advanced AI, machine learning and natural language processing. It allows users to review, edit, share and act on the extracted data and insights among your organizations stakeholders.

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Brevity solutions for your industry

See how Brevity works across different industries, and how it helps
breathe new life into your data.


Process high volumes of applications, contracts, and documents to identify data trends.

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Real Estate

Abstract and analyze leases faster than ever, while reducing your risk.

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Process and review contracts faster using Brevity's engine.

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Analyze documents to ensure policies and provisions adhere to regulatory requirements.

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Process applications and policies to aid in customer retention and risk triage.

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What Brevity does for you

Mitigate Risk

Reduce your risk - Proactively identify risks in your unstructured data.

Lower your costs

Realize efficiencies by automating manual processes, unlock new revenue sources.

Identify new Opportunities

Find patterns and valued add opportunities hidden in data you already have.

Find out more about how Brevity AI delivers value for your business.

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Meet the Brevity Platform

Brevity has been designed to be a flexible and compliant system without sacrificing security or data integrity. It can be delivered as a standalone solution on the cloud, or installed on-premise, or private cloud. Brevity integrates with existing systems, workflows and processes through API's so that Brevity's contribution can be leveraged by the entire business.

Cloud or On-Site Deployment
Customizable data retention policies
Integrate with legacy processes/workflows
Your data is never shared with other clients.


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