Brevity brings the promise of AI to your Business.

Through it's Machine Learning algorithms, Brevity automatically processes your documents and contracts, extracting data that you might have otherwise missed. It then turns this data into categorized and structured data that is easily accessible, leading to further analysis and insights.

Breathe Life into your Data

Using Brevity, you can extract larger and more varied sets of data than ever before. Going further, Brevity is designed to integrate with your existing data management and warehousing systems, meaning you can store your data securely, the way you want, and always have the latest and most reliable version available to your teams.

Reduce your Risk

Increase your confidence in your data integrity and decision making. Brevity helps you gain insights and identify compliance risks that are hiding in your data, and reduce data inconsistencies by dissemination directly from your document to your data storage systems.

Increase Accuracy and Consistency

Brevity's platform consistently provides approximately 95% data accuracy, as well as high precision in abstracted documents. Avoid missing key information in your documents due to human error and minimize cumbersome tasks for your team.

Increase Efficiency

Using Brevity, you can analyze documents up to 12 times faster than a human counterpart. This frees up your team to focus on value-added and strategic work while Brevity automated the document analysis for you.

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