Analyze documents to ensure policies and provisions adhere to regulatory requirements.

Brevity helps you with comply with industry standards and regulatory changes by identifying relevant information from a high volume of different types of documents (such as Internal/External Contract Agreements, Policy Reviews, Accounting and Industry Standards, etc.). You can quickly measure your current compliance levels with your existing policies, or assess the impact any upcoming policy changes (example: IFRS 16) would have on your organization.

Using Brevity, you can automatically extract and store information such as

  • Names
  • Clauses
  • Policy Provisions
  • Defintions
  • Prices and Fees
  • Dates
  • Terms
  • Plus many more

This allows you to have accurate and timely access to your data so you can make better informed decisions. Your team no longer has to devote its time to analyzing documents manually. Brevity uncovers the information hidden within these complex and unstructured documents, and organizes it in a way that can start delivering value to your team instantly.

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